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The Swedish Artists’ Association represents more than 3,300 professional visual artists, craftspeople and designers in Sweden. The task of the Swedish Artists' Association is to represent Swedish visual artists in political issues concerning art and artists' financial and social situation. The Swedish Artists' Association is active both locally and regionally, as well as nationally and internationally. We are engaged in negotiations and/or collaborations with institutions such as the Swedish Parliament and Government, authorities, institutions, universities and colleges, local authorities, the business community, and national and international cultural organisations. The organization publishes the magazine KONSTNÄREN.

In addition to gaining access to a number of membership benefits — read below — you become part of the artists' professional organization and get a platform for your artistic work. You can also get involved in our local associations. As a member of The Swedish Artists' Association you contribute to ameliorating the conditions of art practice and artists. With an organized profession, we can advance our positions and strengthen the social and economic conditions of all artists working in Sweden.


Legal advice
by our lawyer Katarina Renman Claesson via phone or mail

The magazine KONSTNÄREN
a trimestral magazine about art.

Access to templates relating to contract law, tax declaration counselling etc

Subsidised artist insurance
Beneficial artist and studio insurances with low deductibles such as 1.000 SEK.

Subsidised insurance for art students
Beneficial art student insurances with low deductibles such as 1.000 SEK.

Subsidised guest apartment in Stockholm
Members may rent guest rooms at Mosebacke torg for the price of 400 SEK/night.

Free entrance to a number of museums world wide
Through the IAA-card. As a member you will find a list of museums with free or subsidised entrance fees on the members’ section on our website

The Carina Ari-atelier in Paris
Every year members can apply for a subsidised stay in the studio in Paris.

Discounts on computers/printers etc
Discounts are available from well-known brands such as Olivetti, OCÉ, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, ASUS.

Discounts on consumables
Toners, paper, etc

Discounts on artist material and art supplies
As a member you are entitled to discounts in several stores all throughout Sweden; this accounts for cheaper colour, frames, canvases etc

A monthly digital newsletter

Announcements and opportiunities
Compiled information regarding current stipends, commissions, applications, contract award procedures, job openings, public art assignments, residencies, calls for international exhibitions and courses is available on the members’ section of the KRO website

Courses and seminars
Further training and continued education is available for all of our members. The field of expertise covered through courses and seminars are vocational topics in the artistic field, issues surrounding contractual agreements and other provisions of the trade—as well as cultural policies and political state of affairs.

On the members’ section at the KRO website you will find a list of stores offering discount to our members. If you don’t remember your login, please contact the support at


Swedish as well as foreign citizens who work in Sweden in a professional capacity as artists (visual artist, craftsman, designer or part of an equivalent professional group) are eligible for becoming members of The Swedish Artists’ Association, given that they fulfill at least one of the following criteria:
a) have a degree from art college or art university
b) have a documented professional track record in the field of visual and/or design/craft
c) is a student at a Swedish art college or an equivalent art college abroad
d) holds a membership in a corresponding artist organization outside Sweden

A. Artistic university degree

A person can be granted membership if holding an artistic university degree in art, design or craft from:

Beckmans designhögskola
HDK Göteborg
HDK Steneby 
Högskolan för fotografi och film i Göteborg 
Konsthögskolan Umeå 
Konsthögskolan Valand 
Kungliga Konsthögskolan
Malmö Konsthögskola 
Malmö Högskola, Konst, Kultur, Kommunikation
Textilhögskolan Borås 
Carl Malmsten
Designhögskolan Umeå 
Linnéuniversitetet design och konst
Industridesign, Lunds tekniska högskola

or comparable foreign university education with a focus on art or crafts/design.

B. Students at a Swedish Academy of Arts

A person can be granted student membership if studying at any of the art colleges mentioned under A.

The Swedish Artists’ Association also receives students from foreign programs with at least three years of college who give a bachelor's degree in art, design or crafts.

C. Membership in an equivalent artist organization outside Sweden

A professional artist who holds membership of an equivalent foreign organization can be granted membership.

D. Documented professional activity (juried admission)

Applicants who do not meet criteria A, B or C but work as a professional artist, craftsperson or designer could apply for a juried admission process taking place regularly.

Next jury process is April 15, 2020.


In case of applying for the juried admission, the applicant's professional artistic activities should be described in terms of educational, professional, artistic and technical qualities.

Educational merits include preparatory art education, for example at junior college etc. Continuous apprenticeship training, foreign education and other education with a focus on art and design or craft can also be counted as merit. Study certificate is required.

Professional merits include, for example, documented exhibition activities, public assignments, art projects, scholarships, time in the profession, products in production, reviews and other artistic activities such as consulting assignments, educational assignments, etc.

Artistic and technical qualities are best displayed through pictures and/or other documentation of works performed.

In the assessment, a judgement of the applicant's merits is made in its entirety.

Applicants must, in addition to a complete and correct application form, submit a curriculum vitae and documents proving their professional activity as described above. For example, exhibition activities, public assignments, art projects, scholarships and more. It is also good to refer to a current and updated website.

The application may be accompanied by a maximum of 10 images that reinforce the applicant's artistic and technical competence. The pictures must be accompanied by information on materials, technology, format and year, as a separate attached list. Applications and attachments are submitted electronically via the online application form

Application fee

In order for the jury to process your application, an application fee of 350 SEK must be paid.
Attach a receipt of payment.

Postgiro number: 152411-5

Welcome with your application!

Membership fees

Regular fee: 1990 SEK / year (equivalent to only 162 SEK / month)

Newly graduated or reduced fee: 975 SEK per year

Full-time students at a higher art education: 340 SEK / year

Reduced fee is granted in the following cases:

• for full time students in the artistic field, (student fee)

• during the first two working years after the artistic university college degree (fee reduced by 50%)

• prolonged illness with presentation of medical certificate (fee reduced by 50%)

• member who has reached 70 years and been a member for 20 consecutive years (fee reduced by 50%)

• cohabitation fee, 2 cohabiting members where one member gets a discount on their fee provided both are full-paying members.

The membership fee is divided into a service fee that is deductible for small business owners (SEK 1119 / year + VAT) and an association fee (SEK 600 / year). The fee can be divided per quarter or paid annually. For students, the entire sum must be paid on one occasion.

Application for membership

Read through the criteria that apply before you begin your online application. 

Application form and process

1. In order for us to handle your application, you must attach certain documents. Upload your documents in the online application form.

Don't forget to enter your name and social security number (or passport number) when sending attachments via email or regular mail.

2. When the Office has handled your application and approved it, a confirmation letter and a first invoice will be sent to you.

3. When the first invoice is paid, the registry sends out your membership card that gives you access to all member benefits.


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